Interview With a Tibetan Protestor

On November 4th, Sherab Tsedor set fire to himself outside of the Chinese embassy in Delhi, making him one in a line of many Tibetans who have self-immolated in protest of Chinese rule in 2011. According to his Facebook page, Sherab lives in Delhi, and is president of the Youth Volunteers of Free . The Guardian conducted a video interview with Sherab, in which he states that he was protesting on behalf of all people living in China. The video was posted alongside a short explanation:

That day, I woke up at about 6.30am and knew what I had to do. I’d seen the news of the brothers and sisters inside Tibet burning themselves, and I knew that is what I needed to do to get the world’s attention.

[…]Before leaving home, I put a statement on Facebook and then I left. I was not frightened. I felt proud to be doing something for my nation. I was ready to die.

[…]I suffered bad burns and I still have some dressings on one leg. There will always be scars there, of course. But I did not die. All the same, I would be ready to do it again. That is how strongly I feel about the situation there in Tibet.

In a recent post on her personal blog, Mumbai based journalist Priyanka Borpujari mentions Sherab Tsedor and the importance of Facebook in keeping the Tibetan community in Mumbai connected:

[…]On November 4, 25-year-old Sherab Tsedor had set himself on fire outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, in solidarity with the 11 monks who had immolated themselves. Alert cops managed to rush him to a hospital. Today, Tsedor updates his progress in healing on Facebook.
“Facebook is one of the best mediums for us in Mumbai to stay connected,” said Dolkar Tenzin. She created the ‘Tibetan Mumbaikars’ community page on Facebook, and updates it with news and events pertaining to Tibet.
January 13, 2012 7:28 PM
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