China Official Suspended over Stewardess Attack

Fang Daguo, a senior official from Yuexiu District, Guangdong, was accused of attacking a flight attendant over a minor luggage dispute. The incident continues to ignite ire among netizens and the state media, resulting in Fang’s suspension from his official post. From the BBC:

[…] On Friday a statement from the local government blamed Mr Fang’s wife for the incident, but exonerated the official himself and said both parties had reached an agreement.

But netizens and then news agency questioned the official account.

[…] An editorial from the described conflicts between officials and the public as “increasingly problematic”.

“Public opinion is taking an unprecedentedly stern line on the restraining of power,” it said.

To see how local officials dealt with the incident, read  ‘Ministry of Truth: In Assault Reports, No Xinhua Allowed’, via CDT.