Who Defines the ‘International Community’?

At The Diplomat, Frank Ching describes China’s efforts to redefine the concept of “international community”, which it sees as another rhetorical cudgel in the hands of the West.

China’s position was disclosed on September 1, when the Communist Party’s official newspaper the People’s Daily published an online commentary titled “How world opinion kidnapped by West’s ‘international community’ rhetoric.”

“Some Western politicians,” the commentary said, “often make improper comments in the name of ‘international community’ when they talk about the international affairs…. In their eyes, they are the ‘international community.’”

[…] European and American media, the commentary said, often suggest implementing more stringent sanctions on and criticize and China for “running counter to the international community.” In their eyes, the commentary said, “China and , which have a population of over one billion, are not included in the ‘international community.’”

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