Author: Jenny Leung

Jenny Leung is a graduate student in the Group in Asian Studies at University of California, Berkeley.
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China 2008: Nationalism, Internet Culture, and Identity

This is a continuation of the series on CDT relating to relevant China issues in 2008. This article deals with Chinese Nationalism and Internet Culture. Please see also previous posts on the Developing World. Chinese nationalism was a hot topic this year, quite the opposite of the usual criticism directed at China, whether it be her food safety issues, human rights record, environmental

December 4, 2008

Chats with Gang Lu

56minus1 recently interviewed Gang Lu, a presenter at the recent 4th Annual Blogger Conference, co-founder of OpenWebAsian Workgroup and a tech blogger, blogging on Below are some highlights: 56minus1: Who will win the SNS war in China? The C2C war? The microblogging war? The video sharing site war? Gang Lu: There will be more than one winner in the SNS war. Think about

December 2, 2008