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Josh Rudolph currently lives in Vancouver, where he recently finished an MA at the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. His thematic focus is on Asia Pacific Policy and media representations of Asian culture, society and religion, while his main geopolitical interest lies in China.
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Pope Francis Likely to Sign Deal on Chinese Bishops

According to a Vatican source, a deal between the Holy See and Beijing on the appointment of Catholic bishops in China is ready, and could be signed by Pope Francis in the coming months. This news comes over a year after the Pope declared optimism on warming relations with China, which itself came months after reports on talks between Beijing and the Vatican to reach a deal involving

February 2, 2018

Xinjiang to Continue Terror Crackdown

Responding to rising incidents of violence in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China, authorities in 2014 launched a nationwide crackdown on terrorism. Originally described as a “year-long, ultra-tough, unconventional” campaign, by the midpoint of that year the crackdown had been extended “at least” another six months. In the years since, anti-terror activities

February 1, 2018

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