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Kate Zhao graduated from the Graduate School of Communication at Zhejiang University, with a major in cross-culture communication. She has worked as both a full-time and part-time business reporter at various Chinese media such as China Business, China Marketing, New Marketing, and 21st Century Business Herald. She also worked as a public relations manager for Crest brand at P&G Greater China in Guangzhou.
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Chinese lenders Black-market banking – The Economist

From The Economist: JUST over two years after a big unlicensed bank was last found in China, another surfaced this week. Last time the bank was based in Shanghai and operated in a small number of provinces. This time the illegal bank, which is based across the border from Hong Kong in Shenzhen, is on a far grander scale. It did business in every province of the country and its clients included

August 15, 2007

photo: Two girls running in the rain, via

August 14, 2007

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