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Matthias Giessler is a freelance writer and policy analyst with special focus on China's geopolitical and economic interests in (primarily sub-Saharan) Africa.
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Colonial Ambitions?

In an article on, Hannah Edinger examines China’s influence in the Africa. Most interestingly, she discusses the opaque nature of China’s foreign aid to the continent: […] The absence of a central aid agency, the lack of general time series data of annual aid flows, and the non-transparent nature of Chinese loans (loan interest rate, maturity,

August 12, 2008

China in Africa Round-up 08.01: ICC Indictment, Chinese Troops in Darfur, Anti-Dumping Investigation in SA, China Funds in Africa, and A Chinese Color War

From Xinhua: China Urges Security Council to Suspend ICC Indictment of Sudanese Leader China on Thursday urged the UN Security Council to suspend the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s indictment of Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. “China supports the reasonable request by the African Union and other organizations for the council to take early measures

August 1, 2008

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