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Born in Beijing, just completed postgraduate journalism study in Edinburgh. I have worked in Beijing with various English-language publications including Beijing Today, Beijing Qianlong News, that's China and the South China Morning Post. I currently live in Edinburgh freelancing for a number of publications in China.
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An Iron Bar, Three Chords & the Truth

Global Times (English) reports on the work of the New Worker Art Troupe in Beijing, founded by migrant workers in 2002: A few times a year since 2002, Xu Duo, a 32-year-old migrant worker-turned-singer-songwriter, has staged shows with friends at construction sites around Beijing. The troupe released its first album Workers Are in the Same Family in September 2004, including Xu’s

September 10, 2009

Ethnic Minority Commits Cultural Suicide

Global Times reports from a Primi ethnic minority village in remote Yunnan Province: Zhang Hong was crushed upon hearing the 70 Primi ethnic minority families living in the poor, remote virgin forest hamlet of Yushichang finally agreed to a logging road they had resisted for decades. With a population of about 400, Yushichang is the very last Primi village without a road around the

August 3, 2009

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