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Samuel Wade is CDT's deputy editor, based in Vancouver.
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Beijing’s Water: Supply and Demand

At China Dialogue, Yin Mingwan of the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research explains that, ambitious as it is, the South-North Water Diversion project is not a comprehensive solution to Beijing’s water shortages, which must also be addressed by behavioural changes: As we talk, Wang buys a bottle of water and throws it away half-finished. “Don’t you want

December 22, 2010

Soccer Match Sparks Anti-Chinese Riots in DR Congo

Perceived bias on the part of a Japanese referee triggered unrest in Lubumbashi, a centre of Chinese activity in the copper mining industry: those involved apparently mistook the man’s nationality. From the BBC: Reports say disappointed fans took to the streets and attacked Chinese-run businesses, after TP Mazembe were beaten 3-0 by Italian club Inter Milan …. During the

December 19, 2010