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“Chinese Television Will Be All Over” US Government Shutdown

As a possible US Government shutdown looms, a writer (Hint: James Fallows) recounts what he provocatively calls a “tiny little anecdote of impending Third World-ism in Washington”, involving a (presumably) Chinese diplomatic visit: Yesterday I met a senior diplomat from a very large and important country. (Hint: I write about it a lot, and used to live there. Also,

April 8, 2011

Foreign Embassies Reach Out to Chinese Netizens on Microblogs

Ministry of Tofu translates a Southern Weekend article about foreign embassies using Sina Weibo to connect with Chinese netizens: “My colleagues in the Delegation of the European Union to China and I have become fans of China and the Chinese people, so I am happy to invite you to become our fans.” March 29, Markus Ederer, newly elected EU ambassador to China, post his first

April 7, 2011

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