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Forecasting China and India’s Futures

The Telegraph’s International Business Editor, Ambrose Evans-Pitchard, compares two different pictures of the world in 2050 and the two giants’ places in it: The economies of China and India [according to Citigroup’s Willem Buiter] will together be four times as large as the United States, restoring the historic order of Asian dominance before Europe’s navies burst

March 1, 2011

Video: Dancing With Shackles On

Dancing With Shackles On (via Danwei) is a new short film (16:23 about censorship and self-censorship on the Chinese Internet by Desiree Marianini and Janek Zdzarski, including interviews with Wang Xiaofeng, Qi Youyi, Jeremy Goldkorn and Keso. Dancing with shackles on from Janek Zdzarski on Vimeo.

March 1, 2011

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