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Tibetan exiles to protest Chinese rule via ‘net video – Xeni Jardin

From Boingboing: Tibetan exiles around the world and their supporters plan to use YouTube to commemorate “global uprising day” this Saturday, March 10. Videos already uploaded include pilgrims, rap songs, statements from monks, rants from young Tibetan exiles in the United States, and words from ama-la (grandmas). Looks like the revolution(s) will be televised

March 7, 2007

State Dept. Human Rights Report Faults China’s Curbs on Internet – Nora Boustany

Once again, the U.S. State Department has singled China out in their annual human rights report. According to the Washington Post: China is at the top of a list of countries blocking Internet access, and Russia and Venezuela have shown serious regression in several areas, mainly in centralizing power in the executive branch, according to State Department officials who released

March 6, 2007

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