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Like many kids who grew up in China, Xiao Niu loves to play ping pong and soccer in his free time. He is a web developer by training and currently acts as the webmaster of CDT. His intellectual pursuit lies in understanding more suitable and applicable environmental management theories and methods for addressing China's challenging environmental problems.
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China Group Urges Government to Stick to Green Goals

Friends of Nature sent a letter to urge the Chinese government not to slow down their environmental effort as the economy slows down. From Reuters: A Chinese environmental group on Monday urged the government not to backtrack on cleaning air and water despite the economic slowdown, asking parliament to ensure stimulus spending does not prop up pollution. China’s abrupt economic

March 9, 2009

Meet China’s Green Crusader

The International Herald Tribune lauds China’s vice minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Pan Yue, for his courage and insistence on challenging China’s development model and on promoting the environmental protection agenda in China: Credit for most of these measures goes mostly to one man, Pan Yue, vice minister of the newly established Ministry

February 11, 2009

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