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Over 100,000 join anti-China rally in Taipei – Reuters

From Reuters, via Khaleej Times (link): Chanting “Oppose missiles, Want peace”, more than 100,000 supporters of Taiwan’s pro-independence President Chen Shui-bian joined a rally on Saturday to protest China’s threat to use force against the self-ruled island. The rally, organised by Chen’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), marked the first anniversary of China’s passage of the […]

Threat from China anti-secession law fades a year on – Lindsay Beck

From Reuters, via the Washington Post (link): Regional tensions. Diplomatic consequences. Security threats. Those were the fears when China’s parliament passed a law last year authorising the use of force against Taiwan should the self-governing island move toward formal independence. But a year later, as the rubber-stamp assembly meets once again for its annual 10-day […]

David G Brown: A little sunshine across the strait

From Asia Times Online: After burnishing its hardline credentials by announcing in December its intention to enact an Anti-Secession Law (ASL), Beijing took some significant steps toward improving cross-strait relations in January by cooperating in New Year charter flights, stopping propaganda criticism of Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian, and sending ARATS (Association for Relations Across the […]

Simon Tisdall: Writing is on the wall for wary Taiwan

From the Guardian Unlimited: Michael Tsai points to a large map on the wall of his office in Taiwan’s national defence ministry. It is dotted with red symbols representing dozens of Chinese missile, air and naval bases within easy shooting range of the capital, Taipei, and other major Taiwanese cities. Whatever Beijing may say about […]

Ralph A Cossa: Beijing’s tough new law may yet open a door

From The International Herald Tribune: China’s new anti-secession law, which authorizes the use of “nonpeaceful means” if Taipei moves irreversibly toward independence, seems to have emboldened rather than intimidated its intended target, President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan. Thanks, Yong Liu!

Jason Dean: Taiwan’s Caution Restores Hopes Of China D√©tente

From the Wall Street Journal: In the wake of the past weekend’s mass protest in Taiwan against China’s new “antisecession law,” attention is increasingly focused on whether the two rivals can steer relations back toward the spirit of compromise they briefly exhibited early this year. While a number of issues could fuel further tension between […]

Catherine Armitage: China warns ‘malevolent’ Taiwan

From The Australian: The Chinese Government issued a sharp warning yesterday that a march by hundreds of thousands of people in Taipei to protest at China’s new anti-secession law on Taiwan had created “new tension across the Taiwan Strait”. China vowed, again, never to back down over Taiwan. In an official commentary carried in all […]

Jim Lobe: Bush wins big as China overplays its hand

From Asia Times Online: The apparent decision by European leaders to delay the lifting of their 16-year-old arms embargo on China beyond June marks a clear-cut foreign-policy victory for US President George W Bush, who made the issue a major priority in his visit to Europe last month. China itself may have inadvertently made Bush’s […]

Yan Jue-An: Don’t Fall Asleep on Legal Rights

From the China Times (in Chinese), translated by Mike R. Lai via the Press Interpreter: Recently my article regarding the new ambiguity doctrine regarding Taiwan’s status and the Anti-Secession Law received comments from legislator Lin Zhuoshui, from which I have benefited greatly. Our differences actually are not that deep, but I would still like to […]

Keith Bradsher: Hundreds of Thousands Stage Mass Rally in Taiwan

From The New York Times: Hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese marched on Saturday afternoon to denounce Beijing in one of the largest political demonstrations ever here, the clearest sign yet of how China’s anti-secession legislation has poisoned relations across the Taiwan Strait. The size of the demonstration showed how much the political landscape has changed […]

Human Rights Group Urges Beijing to Annul Anti-secession Law

According to a report by the Central News Agency: The Frankfurt-based International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) has urged China to unconditionally rescind its recently enacted Anti-Secession Law targeting Taiwan. In an open letter signed by ISHR Chairman Karl Hafen March 21, the organization described the law as a “war-authorizing bill” against Taiwan and called […]

People’s Daily: Foreign countries back China’s Anti-Secession Law

From People’s Daily Online: The international community has continued to express support for the adoption of the Anti-Secession Law by China’s legislature, which is intended to prevent Taiwan’s secession from China. In a letter to the Chinese ambassador to Tonga, Tongan Foreign Minister Sonatane Tu’akinamolahi Taumoepeau-Tupou reaffirmed his country’s commitment to the one-China policy and […]

Steven R. Weisman: Lifting of arms embargo to be postponed

In response to pressure from the Bush administration, and to the recently approved anti-secession law, the EU has postponed lifting the arms embargo against China, according to this article from the New York Times: Yielding to pressure from President Bush and threats of retaliation from Congress, the European Union has put off plans to lift […]

Boston Globe: Clumsy China

From the Boston Globe, an editorial about China’s passage of the anti-secession law: China’s Communist leaders sketched an unflattering self-portrait last week when their make-believe Parliament passed an anti–secession law authorizing Beijing to use “nonpeaceful means and other necessary measures” to thwart the slightest move toward independence on Taiwan. The regime’s latest attempt to intimidate […]

Toronto Star: Editorial: China’s misplaced fear

From The Toronto Star: Chinese President Hu Jintao should have cause to celebrate. He has just added the chairmanship of Beijing’s central military commission to his r√©sum√©, making him undisputed leader of a forward-looking nation of 1.3 billion that boasts a $2 trillion economy that knows no limits. But if the Chinese are confident, the […]

Laurence Eyton: Taiwan independence forces rejoice

From Asia Times Online: The passage by the National People’s Congress of an Anti-Secession Law authorizing China to use “non-peaceful” means to prevent Taiwan from establishing de jure independence from the “motherland” has generated outrage in Taiwan itself and international concern. But one group has benefited immensely: the Taiwan independence movement. That this is exactly […]

Taiwan News Online: China legislation is not peaceful, asserts diploma

From the Central News Agency, via Taiwan News Online: Beijing’s Anti-Secession Law is by no means a law of peace because it cuts short China’s decision-making process for war, and threatens cross-Taiwan Strait relations and stability in the region, the Republic of China’s Representative to the United States David Lee (Êùé§ßÁ∂≠) said Wednesday. Lee made […]

People’s Daily: A sincere call for peaceful reunification

From People’s Daily Online: Deputies to the Third Session of the 10th National People’s Congress (NPC) passed the “Anti-Secession Law” by overwhelming majority through pressing the electronic voting machine. The common will of the 1.3 billion Chinese people was condensed and sublimated into national will through legal procedures. The lens of history put this moment […]

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