Li Xinde

Online Media Keep Up Pressure on China’s Propaganda Czars Ôºç Wu Jing

From Radio Free Asia, written for the Web in English by Luisetta Mudie and edited by Sarah Jackson-Han: China’s information explosion was once expected to blow traditional government media controls wide apart. But the Communist Party’s powerful Central Propaganda Department still wields decisive influence over what gets published, media professionals throughout China say. “Newspapers, radio […]

Li Xinde Blog Deleted by Baidu – Yulun Jiandu

A second case since MSN deleted Anti’s blog. Now Baidu is in action. From Radio Free Asia’s Mandarin service and Li Xinde’s Yulun Jiandu Wang (ËàÜËÆ∫ÁõëÁù£ÁΩë), compiled and translated by CDT: Citizen journalist Li Xinde’s corruption-exposing web site was reportedly blocked by Fujian Province’s Xiamen public security authorities, who charged that there was “harmful information” […]

Biganzi Q&A: Li Xinde Shares Tips of his Trade

Here you are, all alone in Tongxian. How do you stay in the loop?

[Turns to his laptop] Let me show you QQ. [Clicks open QQ] Look at all these chatrooms. Here’s my “gossip” (Â∞èÈÅìxiaodao) chatroom – 159 contacts. Here’s my “in-depth” (shendu) chat room – 198 contacts. In all these chatrooms combined, there are at least 500 journalists. Many are from party newspapers and a lot are young reporters. Of those, at least 200 do investigative reporting. I can’t possibly keep up with them all.

Would it be easy for a foreign reporter to join one of these chatrooms?

Well, you’d have to be invited. Generally, no one would want to invite a foreign journalist. It’s anti-productive. We all have very different backgrounds, but we do share a general consensus. We don’t want to see social upheaval. We rather see our country to proceed toward democracy in orderly way, step by step..

Error: Yulun Jiandu Shut Down again?!!!

Try to log onto Yulun Jiandu’s two sites and you will get a “no entry” sign or a blue sky photo with the left column spelling out sections like “dating,” “Las Vegas” and “Hawaii.” Seems like Li Xinde’s persistent efforts to fight rounds of censorship or shut-down of his sites are running against the “Great […]

Inside the great firewall of China – Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

From BBC: More than 110 million people in China use the internet regularly. The country is going through a digital revolution as it seeks to capitalise on the online world while at the same time enforcing strict censorship measures. But what does the internet mean to people in China? BBC News spoke to a dissident, […]

About Yulun Jiandu Net and Li Xinde – Jiang Yusheng

From Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT: Li Xinde, a former reporter, started his citizen journalism with a “mission impossible” – to check the power of the government and scrutinize officials and expose their corruption deals. He was inspired to this career by a lawsuit involving his brother, who was ruled to pay damages of 380,000 […]

Land enriches Lihai officials, enrages farmers – Li Xinde

From Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT: It was learned that 260,000 mu of farm land was illegally taken by local governments in Shangyu City, Zhejiang, with little or no compensation paid to farmers. In Lihai Township of Shangyu, 281 mu of land was sold to Baohua Real Estate Company by Ren Qiliang, Shangyu city party […]

In China It’s ******* vs. Netizens – Nicholas D. Kristof (Updated)

From the New York Times: All this underscores, I think, that China is not the police state that its leaders sometimes would like it to be; the Communist Party’s monopoly on information is crumbling, and its monopoly on power will follow. The Internet is chipping away relentlessly at the Party, for even 30,000 censors can’t […]

CCTV Anchorwoman: Program On Corrupt Mayor Censored – Yulun Jiandu

From Yulun Jiandu (link), translated by CDT: Li Xinde, citizen journalist who runs the web site Yulun Jiandu, a corruption whistle blower, prides himself on being the first to expose corruption of Jining vice mayor, Li Xin, of Shandong Province in the summer of 2004. See also Southern Weekend’s “The Vice Mayor Who Knelt To […]

The officials raise rent at will, making the peasants resentful – Li Xinde

From Yulun Jiandu (link) (translated by CDT): Land should belong to the farmers. But some officials have become “landlords” after shady maneuverings. They are not only paid salaries by the government but also collect rents from the farmers. The local government of Fujin City of Heilongjiang Province has already become the biggest “landlord” in the […]



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