Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (10)

Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (10)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

9 March 2006

Concerning reports on the reform of the Beijing Qianmen area, please do not reprint matters, where they are already reprinted, please immediately delete them. Forums are also not to discuss this matter.

Reports on the university student Wu Yujie being imprisoned for engaging in ticket scalping activities, are not to be discussed. Please acknowledge receipt, thank you.

9 March 2006

Please speedily delete “Man Leaving Crime Scene Beaten to Death, Bystanders Seek Help from Police Without Response.” Please acknowledge receipt, thank you.

9 March 2006

News Notice (Fan Tao): Please make “Yujie” (personal name) into a keyword, filter all articles about this person.  Please acknowledge receipt, thank you.

8 March 2006

News Notice (Chen Hua): Yesterday, after minister of foreign affairs Li Zhaoxing organized a press conference, Japan put forward an impertinent protest against us, websites are requested to strengthen management, do not disseminate information or comments about this matter, forums, trackers, blogs, etc., are not permitted to carry discussions of this kind.

9 March 2006


Please delete reports on the matter of serial murder of children in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang as soon as possible;

The text “The Chinese Communist Party Must Know How to Control the New Bourgeoisie” must not be permitted to appear on websites;

If there are online articles smearing the Lei Feng Spirit, especially the text “The Truth about One Corrupt Element: Lei Feng,” they must be firmly deleted;

If there are blogs set up by the earlier China Public Opinion Supervision Net leading person Li Xinde on your website, please delete them;

For reprinting the case of the only daughter of a Tsinghua University professor being throttled to death by a public transport ticket seller, please wait for our notification, do not reprint anything before then.

6 March 2006

Network Supervision notice: Focus supervision and control points from 4 March until 10 March:

(1) Online information trends concerning the national “Two Sessions”;

(2) Clues on activities of a number of retired military personnel, bank personnel “bought out of seniority,” households moved away because of confiscation, house owners and other groups planning, organizing and linking up for petitioning and “rights defense” activities, etc.;

(3) Domestic and foreign hostile forces playing up the “relay fasting activity” started by Gao Zhisheng and other situations.

(4) Pay attention to finding and dealing with the “Online Publication of an ‘Open Letter’ Incident” of People’s Policeman Wu Youming from Huangshi, Hebei and corresponding information;

(5) Pay attention to finding and dealing with information related to “the incident of HuiHan clashes in Xinzheng, Henan,” as well as “Terrorist Suitcase Bomb Construction Plan.”

Explanation: the first item is a focus target for attention, delete negative reports on and attacking content concerning the Two Sessions! Items 2-5 are to be immediately deleted when found.

6 March 2006

Please delete the articles on Premier Wen opening a blog according to requirements.

6 March 2006

News notice:

(1) The matter of “serial killing of children happening in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang,” please do not put it on the main page of websites or the main news page. Please acknowledge receipt, thank you.

(2) Please remove surveys stating that 67% of citizens believe that the current amount of civil servants should be reduced from front pages and main news center pages of websites. Please acknowledge receipt, thank you.

Attention: if it is not on the front page, it may be reported.

6 March 2006

Network Supervision Office notification: Articles on Wang Xiaoya having a dubious relationship with some high Ministry of Public Security official, Minister Zhou or Minister Zhou Yongkang may not be issued without exception, existing ones are to be all deleted.

4 March 2006

Information Office notice: Everyone, the Political Consultative Committee member Wu Bowei stating that receiving read envelopes may make doctor-patient relations more harmonious, no website may report this without exception, existing matters must be deleted as soon as possible, it may also not be discussed in forums.

3 March 2006

Please immediately delete the following content:

(1) Police ban unlicensed dispensaries creating havoc for villagers in 200 villages, villagers state unlicensed dispensaries’ prices are reasonable;

(2) A batch of improper professional personnel is to be repatriated during the Two Sessions period;

(3) Shenzhen deals with ringleaders unlawfully gathering crowds.

3 March 2006

Recently, a piece of news has circulated on the Internet, entitled “Beijing Railway Station Traffic Police Inspect Driver Violating Regulations Are Blocked – And Kneel Before 70 Year Old Lady In Street.” The said new has had great repercussions in society. Some netizens have seized the opportunity to slander Beijing police, vainly attempting to play up this matter, and creating an opposing situation between the masses and the police.

On the instruction of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau director, your company is requested to strengthen supervision strength, and news or comments related to “Beijing Railway Station Traffic Police Inspect Driver Violating Regulations Are Blocked – And Kneel Before 70 Year Old Lady In Street” are to be deleted without exception.

2 March 2006

Information Office notice (Chen Hua): In the case of four students jumping off buildings in the Huanan Agricultural University in Guangdong, websites are no longer to reprint reports and copy on this, existing copy is to be transferred to the back stage, forums and trackers are no longer to track this sort of posts

2 March 2006

Concerning the dispute  of Qiu Chengtong with professor Tian Gang, no online reporting is to occur without exception.

2 March 2006

Grasp the few matters needing attention in online forum discussions concerning Chen Shui-bian “ending his term.”

(1) Forums and other interactive columns must be strictly grasped according to relevant principles and policies of the Center on Taiwan, ideologies and actions are to be unified around the spirit of the Center, it is necessary to let the broad masses believe the Center has the determination, the capacity and the ways to smash “Taiwanese independence” forces’ plotting to split the motherland, and move the grand cause of reunification of the motherland forward.

(2) Online discussion must fully reflect that the realization of peaceful unification of the two shores, and stimulate the grand rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the common wish of the sons and daughters of China inside and outside the country, including Taiwan compatriots. The malicious nature of “Taiwanese independence” causing quarrels in the peace in the Taiwan Straits and causing stress in the relationships between the two shores must be deeply exposed, and it must be put forward that the line of Chen Shui-bian in insisting on “Taiwanese Independence” completely instigates opposition and conflict within Taiwan and between the two shores, and can only bring disaster to Taiwanese society.

(3) Interpretation of the important statements of our Party and State leaders must be strengthened, fully and deeply propagate the principles and policies of the Chinese side well.

(4) Declarations of foreign governments and overseas personalities that are beneficial to us must be timely transmitted.

(5) Discussions of netizens on “military unification,” “sending soldiers,” etc., must be earnestly grasped, they are not to be excessively concentrated, this sort of posts may not be more than two on the main page of forums and trackers.

(6) Articles or posts seizing the opportunity to attack or censure the Party and government, or attack the Central principles, policies and uniform deployment concerning Taiwan must be firmly blocked or deleted. Discussions seizing the opportunity to incite uproar or destroy social stability may not be encouraged to be signed or passed on online, illegal activities may not be encouraged.

(7) Strictly implement requirements on the scope of reprinting, do not gather news yourself, corresponding VIP interviews must be approved.

2 March 2006

Please inspect whether or not the content “Complete Notes and Pictures on the Appalling News of Cannibalism in Guangdong” is present on your website, if it is, please delete it. Furthermore, please notify the full-time public opinion officers to receive a message in his own mailbox, if they do not understand, let them contact us. Thank you.





“男子搬迁现场被打死 旁人向警察求助无回应”请迅速删除。收到请回复,谢谢。
























新闻办通知: 各位,政协委员吴博威称收红包可令医患关系更和谐的消息,各网站一律不得报道,已有的要尽快删除,论坛中也不得讨论。












2、网上讨论要充分反映实现两岸和平统一、促进中华民族伟大复兴,是包括台湾同胞在内的海内外中华儿女的共同心声。要深入揭露陈水扁恶意挑衅台海和 平、制造两岸关系紧张的”台独”本质,指出陈水扁执意推行”台独”路线,在台湾内部和两岸之间全面挑起对抗冲突,只能为台湾社会带来灾难。







These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on November 17, 2012 (here).


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