Yu Dan

Confucius Comes Home

The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos examines Confucianism’s post-Cultural Revolution...

Erudite Confusion

Scholarly debate continues over the meaning and significance of the words of Confucius, China’s most influential moral and political philosopher.  Yu Dan’s newest book, Confucius from the Heart, is drawing criticism...

Modern Gloss on China’s Golden Age – Sheila Melvin

From The New York Times: China spent the greater part of the last century struggling to become a modern nation. But after so many years spent looking outward and forward, some Chinese are once again looking inward and back ” way back, to the golden age of philosophers like Confucius (551-479 B.C.) and Zhuangzi (369-286 […]

Yu Dan and China’s Return to Confucius – Sheila Melvin

The International Herald Tribune is the latest to look at the fad for all things Confucius thanks to trendy scholar Yu Dan: The current rage for things ancient – dubbed “national studies fever” – has led in several cities to a revival of private schools known as “si shu” where children bow to statues of […]

Confucius Making a Comeback In Money-Driven Modern China – Maureen Fan

The revival of Confucianism in China may not be a new story, but give the Washington Post points for nuance: “With the fast economic growth, many people have become selfish and have no morality,” said Ren Xiaolin, founder of the Zhengzhou Young Pioneers school… “This has created a need for Confucianism. . . . The […]

Yu Dan: Defender of Traditional Culture, Force for Harmony – Joel Martinsen

Following up on the recent LA TImes article about Confucian scholar Yu Dan, Danwei has translated two articles, from BQ Weekly and Southern Metropolis Daily, about the controversy over Yu’s writing. From the BQ Weekly article: So who were these people instigating this small cultural demonstration? Careful inspection of its origin reveals nine PhDs and […]

Professor Puts Confucius Back in Vogue – Ching-Ching Ni

The Los Angeles Times reports on the current fad for Confucius, and the woman who started it all: Since the publication of her enormously popular book on the teachings of Confucius late last year, Yu has been racing from college lectures to book signings, TV appearances and speaking engagements. The public can’t seem to get […]

Woman Bridges Ancient Philosophers with Modern People – Xinhua

From Xinhua, via China Daily: For centuries, Chinese women were discouraged from pursuing education so that they could be more “virtuous”. Confucius, China’s most famous thinker, educator and philosopher, would never have anticipated that 2,500 years later, his thought would be popularized among his Chinese descendants by a woman. Yu Dan, a 41-year-old media scholar […]

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