Confucius TV Spin-Off Leads China’s Non-Fiction: Top 10 Books

From Bloomberg:

A book applying the 2,500-year-old teachings of philosopher Confucius to today’s problems was China’s best-selling non-fiction title last month, reflecting a desire for order in a rapidly changing nation.

“Sentiments on the Analects of Confucius,” by Yu Dan, led the non-fiction list for a third straight month in June, said Beijing OpenBook Co., which monitors sales at about 1,500 outlets nationwide. Confucius advocated a hierarchical social order where each observes his station in life and defers to elders. A 2006 book on Confucian philosophy by Yu, a professor at Beijing Normal University, ranked fifth, said OpenBook.

“Sentiments,” which beat titles on currency conflict and traditional healing, is based on Yu’s lectures in a popular TV series aired by state broadcaster China Central Television. The show’s success fueled sales, said Shuyu Kong, a professor of Chinese literature at the University of Sydney.

July 29, 2008 6:25 AM
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