Taiwan News Online: China legislation is not peaceful, asserts diploma

From the Central News Agency, via Taiwan News Online:

Beijing’s is by no means a law of peace because it cuts short China’s decision-making process for war, and threatens cross-Taiwan Strait relations and stability in the region, the Republic of China’s Representative to the United States David Lee (Êùé§ßÁ∂≠) said Wednesday.

Lee made the remarks while giving a speech on the law’s impact on the cross-strait situation to a group of Taiwan Congress Caucus members under the House of Representatives at the Rayburn Office Building.

He said that Beijing’s adoption of the law has taken the Taiwan authorities and its people by surprise and stirred up deep concern among them at a time of detente evidenced in a series of events that have helped bilateral ties, such as the historic direct lunar new year charter flights and a joint statement issued by President Chen Shui-bian (Èô≥Ê∞¥ÊâÅ) and People First Party Chairman James Soong (ÂÆãÊ•öÁëú) vowing not to change the national title

March 18, 2005, 6:22 AM
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