Paul Krugman: The Chinese Connection

In the New York Times, columnist Paul Krugman writes:

Over the last few years China, for its own reasons, has acted as an enabler both of U.S. fiscal irresponsibility and of a return to Nasdaq-style speculative mania, this time in the housing market. Now the U.S. government is finally admitting that there’s a problem – but it’s asserting that the problem is China’s, not ours.

And there’s no sign that anyone in the administration has faced up to an unpleasant reality: the U.S. economy has become dependent on low-interest from China and other foreign governments, and it’s likely to have major problems when those are no longer forthcoming.

See also “China and the politics of a U.S. awash in debt” from the International Herald Tribune.

May 20, 2005 8:17 AM
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