Only Modernized Politics Can Save China’s Socialism Reform – Wang Xiaodong

From Anti’s English Blog:

Point three: Only modern politics can save socialism.

I believe, basically, socialism has two main goals: a relatively equal distribution of social products, and the democratization of politics. All other things are just means. Some other ends like the development of productive forces are identical with capitalism, and their means are result-oriented. I have made some comments about the first goal. The second goal closely concerns sustainability. It is impossible to maintain the equal and sustainable distribution of economic social products without democratic politics.

What is socialism’s customary critique of capitalist ? It is: without the equal distribution of economic and social products, democratic politics is a castle in the sky. The two ends are closely related to each other. If China has an overly imbalanced distribution of social products, we should consider political . Seeking solutions from a retrogressive or more imbalanced political power distribution system is doomed to failure.

November 30, 2005, 8:25 PM
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