Interview with Li Datong – Robert Marquand

As part of an article called “China’s rattling world image” (link), the the Christian Science Monitor has interviewed former Freezing Point editor . Li says:

I’m not saying we don’t want stability. We do. But our understanding of stability is very different from communist officials. We want a calm river of society that continually flows. The part officials’ idea of stability is a dead body of water. Eventually it starts to stink.

A generation like mine, we may resist and rebel once, in Tiananmen, and see how it is. But we are rational. There is no way we are going to the streets. But what we will do is conduct a nonstop debate. Debate is the heart of our approach; it will not stop.

See also “Breaching China’s Great Firewall,” (link) an editorial from the Christian Science Monitor.

February 23, 2006 4:12 PM
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