Sacked editor speaks out on ‘self-censorship’ – Vivian Wu

From the South China Morning Post, via Asia Media:

The former editor of Beijing’s outspoken Public Interest Times has published an open letter explaining why he was fired and accusing the newspaper’s executives of carrying out .

was sacked last Wednesday after the paper carried his article criticising incorrect English translations on the central government’s new official website.

Chief editor Liu Youping said during several interviews with overseas media that Mr Chen had been fired for his “bad management skills and poor performance”.

In a 10,000-word article headlined “Ridiculous Game, Despicable Intrigue” — originally published on the academic website,, at the weekend — Mr Chen explained how he came to be sacked, and said he was motivated to reveal the truth by Mr Liu’s “slanderous words”.

February 13, 2006 12:14 PM
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