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An incident happened on February 15, 2006 in Guangzhou. Shortly afterwards, there was a systematic attempt by the immediately affected persons to post the story onto the Internet and keep it going. This story then drew the attention of many more people and it simply will not die.

Here is the translation of some eyewitness accounts at Tianya Club:

[person #1]

At the residential village of Huananxincheng, Panyu District, Guangzhou city, Guangzhou province, there had been many problems between the owners and the management. As a result, the owners had to organize their own rights organizations to defend their own interests.

All Huananxincheng recognized Li Gang as the leader in rights defense. On February 12, Li Gang mediated in the

beating of two owners by the security guards on February 7. That drew the ire of the management.

At sometime between 7:10pm and 7:20pm on February 15, 2006, five or six men rang the bell of Li Gang’s home to loo for him. His mother opened the door and the men rushed in. They assaulted Li Gang with their fists and feet, and then they fled.

March 2, 2006 2:18 PM
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