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The following is a full list of Zhejiang Province delegates to this year’s annual session of the National People’s Congress, currently underway in Beijing. The names were posted on March 14 by moogee, along with lists of delegates from Hebei, Liaoning and Shanxi provinces, on the SOHO Xiaobao BBS. (Password = 4)

(Translated by CDT. CPC=”Communist Party of China”. ) “Not a single one from the masses?” one reader wrote in the comment section shortly after the names were revealed. “This represents the people?”
  • Xi Jinping: Secretary of the CPC Committee of Zhejiang Province, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang People’s Congress
  • Wang Ping’an: Chief of the Zhejiang Armed Police, Vice-secretary of the CPC Committee of Zhejiang Province.
  • Wang Yongchang: Mayor of Shaoxing
  • Wang Yongkang: Mayor of Yuyao city
  • Wang Gang: Secretary of the Work Committee of the Departments Under the CPC Central Committee (elected as a provincial delegate.)
  • Wang Xufeng: Vice-chairman of the Zhejiang Writer’s Association
  • Wang Songling: Chairman of the Provincial Department of Land and Resources
  • Wang Cuixiang: Political Director of the Pioneer Female Militia of Dongtou Town in Wenzhou, Vice-director of Beisha Office in Beiyao
  • Li Zhihai: Secretary of CPC Committee of Quzhou
  • Ye Rutang: Vice Chairman of the Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of the NPC (former Deputy Minister of Construction)
  • Feng Changgen: Secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology, member of the CPC Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology
  • Feng Ming: Director of the Zhejiang Province Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
  • Cheng Yangzhen: Chairman and CEO, Cixi Haibao Agricultural Development Corporation
  • Lu Shiling: Chairman of the Board, Minfeng Special Paper Corporation
  • Lu Fan: Executive Director of Wenzhou Medical College’s School of Optometry and Ophthalmology, Vice President of Wenzhou Medical College Affiliated Hospital of Optometry and Ophthalmology
  • Lu
  • ...
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