Quick, catch a glimpse of Shanghai vanishing – Howard W. French

From the International Herald Tribune, via A Glimpse of the World blog (link):

Web.0405Fssstreet-MarketCome to . Come to , now! No, this is not a travel industry advertisement, nor a paid promotion of any kind. It is a warning, and those who don’t heed it soon will forever miss what has made this arguably Asia’s greatest city, as its leaders gird to complete a breakneck and all-but- declared bid for the title of the world’s greatest.

The remaking of this city, which is well under way, ranks as one of history’s greatest urban transformations. With 4,000 already, it has nearly double the number of skyscrapers as New York, and another 1,000 are due to rise within the next 10 years – all within a single generation.

See also a slideshow that accompanies the article.

April 5, 2006 9:22 PM
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