Police detains rock singer Dou Wei – Winny Wang

From Shanghai Daily (link):

BEIJING police detained Dou WeiÔºàÁ™¶ÂîØÔºâ, a Chinese rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, for alleged arson this morning after he went out of control in the newsroom of Beijing News yesterday, and set fire to a car in front of the office, media reported today.

Dou is also well known for being the ex-husband of Chinese pop diva Faye Wong(王菲).

He entered the newsroom yesterday to file a complaint about a reporter surnamed Zhuo, and his story about Dou and his second wife Gao Yuan’sÔºàÈ´òÂéüÔºâ life and economic status.

Senior editors and law department heads from the paper attempted to comfort and calm him down for two hours, promising to look into the issue, however, Dou couldn’t control his temper and began breaking office equipment, computers, TV’s and splashed water on some employees.

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May 11, 2006 9:48 AM
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