Why The Chinese Communists Are Not Doomed To Finish Yet – Wan Runnan

From the EastSouthWestNorth blog (link), a translation of an essay by Chinese exile Wan Runnan:

Why the Communist Party of China is not yet doomed yet, Wan Runnan argues, softness of Chinese scholars who have been only making suggestions to the Party, tolerance of foreign governments and businesses, and lack of quality of the Chinese people? Not quite.
More important are: the Party has reinforced its “hard part” and softened its other parts.

How did the Communist Party defeat the Nationalist Party to win the country? One point was the will and determination to sacrifice. By sacrifice, they mean sacrificing the lives of their warriors in large and systematic ways. Lin Biao had this saying that the Tsinghua 414 used as their battle song during the Cultural Revolution: “When sacrifices are needed, we must be willing to sacrifice. The gun goes off and we head for the battlefield. I am determined that if I have to die today, I will die on the battlefield!”

When Old Jiang suppressed the FLG without hesitation, he proved that the third generation was mature and qualified. When Little Hu gave internal speeches about imitating Cuba and North Korea, it showed that the fourth generation meets the expectation of being tough in their thinking. Recently, there was an incident in Shanwei, Guangzhou. They called it a mass incident which Zhang Dejiang handled in a decisive manner by firing the first shots after June 4th. The outside rumor was that Zhang was forced to make a self-examination at the central government, which rejected his presentation. Thus, Guangdong province will initiate a movement to oust Zhang. This is just nonsense. In my view, Zhang Dejiang will have a wonderful career in the future.


After June 4th, Deng Xiaoping had three sayings: First, “we won’t lead.” Second, “we won’t argue.” Third, “development is the only solid reason.” These three sayings express the softness of the Communists. “We won’t lead” means conceding to the American imperialists. “We won’t argue” means that they will soften their position after betraying Communism. “Development is the only solid reason” means eliminating all barriers and laying down new paths for the growth of the new capitalist class. Would you say that this type of Communist Party is the original Communist Party? If Zhang Chunqiao (note: a member of the Gang of Four) were alive, he would be making this type of criticism: this is the typical double surrender of revisionists: “Internationally, you surrender to the imperialists; domestically, you surrender to the capitalists.” Frankly speaking, there are some people within the Communist Party who understood this. On the right, Deng Xiaoping is one of them; on the left, Zhang Chunqiao is another one.

So how can the “steel-bodied” Deng Xiaoping become so soft? He did so in order to obtain an “international environment for peaceful development” to allow the Communist government to survive. If you look at how the Chinese Communists manage to go from a situation of universal condemnation to their present state over the course of seventeen years, you must admit that the softness of Deng Xiaoping has been effective.


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