Buying in Bulk, Hotelier Born Bets on Chinese Contemporary Art – Katya Kazakina

fang lijun works.jpg From Bloomberg:

Chinese contemporary has become a way for American collectors and investors to tap into China’s booming economy. The first contemporary Asian auction in New York fetched $13 million at Sotheby’s Holdings in March, setting 20 world records for individual artists — some of whom have works in Born’s hotel display.

The trademark toothy smile of a Yue Minjun ÔºàÂ≤≥ÊïèÂêõÔºâcaricature self- portrait greets visitors at the lobby entrance. In the mezzanine, you’ll find several cartoonlike oil paintings of Chairman Mao by Li Shan(Êùé±±), a pop-art “Motorola” canvas by Wang GuangyiÔºàÁéãÂπø‰πâÔºâ and a woodblock print of a camouflage-patterned head by Fang Lijun(ÊñπÁ´ãÂùá). [full text]

More Li Shan’s artworks; More Fang Lijun’s artworks; More Wang Guangyi’s artworks. See also Foreign collectors flock to Beijing art auctions by People’s Daily Online

June 9, 2006, 10:06 AM
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