No More Foxconn: Chinese Propaganda Department – Lian Yue

From Letters from China Blog:

Southern Metropolis Daily columnist Lian Yue blogged (cn) on the litigation with this lead-in (in translation):

“All my instincts told me that topics like Foxconn will be banned by the higher authority. So I submitted my article [to Southern Metropolis Daily] early on Thursday and at the same time turned down Netease Talk’s request. It turns out that the article was not published on Friday as expected. Today [(Friday)] the Central [Propaganda] Department has made a prohibition order disallowing discussion of the Foxconn litigation. My article is now dead. The retard editor caused my absence as a commentator. Although I initially held the comment section of the Southern Metropolis Daily in high regard, I am now speechless with anger.” [Full Text]

September 1, 2006 1:06 PM
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