Shanghai’s star slips with party chief’s fall – Andrew Torchia

More reports are coming out about the downfall of Shanghai party secretary Chen Liangyu. From Reuters:

Are ’s days as the freewheeling, red-tape slashing golden boy of China’s economic boom coming to an end?

The dismissal in a probe of the city’s most powerful official, local Communist Party secretary , suggests Shanghai might no longer take the lead as China pushes economic reforms and develops huge new economic projects.

The demise of one of its top political patrons shows the city’s relative status is slipping as it lobbies the central government in Beijing for resources and regulatory freedom, corporate executives and analysts said. [Full text]

See also “Shanghai Party Boss Held for Corruption” from the New York Times and “Hu purge nets Shanghai’s biggest fish” from Asia Times. More on this story via Google News.

September 25, 2006 9:07 PM
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