China and Japan: cartoon warfare – Oi wan Lam

From Global Voices Online:

As a celebration of National Day, the CCTV in China is now showing a 36 episodes 3-D Cartoon “Devil soldiers in Mao-er Mountain” (Â∏ΩÂÖí±±ÁöÑȨºÂ≠êÂÖµ)in October. The cartoon was produced by a company in Heilongjiang and selected by the National boardcast bureau in Dongbei area (North east China) as one of the best cartoon production of the year (see press release on September 30, 2006).

The background of the cartoon is 1930s-40s (during WWII), in a village near a mountain (Mao-er) in Heilongjiang. The story is about the interaction between 3 Chinese kids and 5 Japanese soldiers.

The Chinese science fiction writer Han Song (韓松) comments that the image of Japanese soldiers in that cartoon is the stereotype Chinese imagination, it would certainly irritate millions of Japanese people. [Full Text]

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October 4, 2006 8:42 AM
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