“Harmony Rights” as Human Rights? – Xu Xianming et al

 X Blogger2 3767 675048729313091 1600 730556 222943 From New Beijing Daily (新京报), translated by CDT:

The spirit of harmony should surpass the spirit of antagonism, which is embedded in the three traditional generations of human rights, and will breed a new generation of human rights, harmony rights (ÂíåË∞êÊùÉ), said Xu Xianming (ÂæêÊòæÊòé), a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

Xu divided the development of human rights into four phases. He said the first three phases are freedom-oriented human rights, subsistence-oriented human rights, and development-oriented human rights.

In an international seminar, “Respecting and Promoting Human Rights and Building a Harmonious World,” which was hosted by the China Human Rights Research Institute in Beijing, Xu said harmony rights will lay the foundation and fundamental elements for the building of a harmonious world.

Harmony consists of three important aspects: the harmony of bodies and spirits, the harmony of spirits, and the harmony of human beings and nature. Based on this, in a , people pursue their human rights with a completely different horizon and spiritual level from the first three generations of human rights.

Xu analyzed: freedom-oriented human rights ignore the inherent inequality between human beings, and the unequal human rights make a harmonious human rights system impossible; subsistence-oriented human rights suppress the work force from actively incorporating with capital, and divert the society from a society of creativity to a society of welfare, which will make the society inactive and unharmonious; development-oriented human rights are overactive and will disrupt the human rights system, thus it will bring about an unharmonious society.

Xu said he believes that the announcement of harmony rights will profoundly shift the relationships between man and country, between man and man, and between man and nature. Harmony rights are not only the fundamentals of the interpersonal harmony and the harmony between man and nature within a country, they can also bring harmony to different cultures, religions, peoples, and countries.

Xu said the incorporation of Chinese culture’s innate spirit of harmony and the western human rights tradition will push human rights to a brand new generation–harmony-oriented human rights.

Since the Party’s Central Committee announced the idea of building a harmonious society, it is the first speech about harmony rights by a standing committee member.

After the above news item was posted on online forum KDNET.net, which is one of the most popular news BBS on the Chinese Internet, the following comments appeared from netizens, via Leaking Wall blog, translated by CDT :

* Shit. How can I eat lunch after reading this thing?

* Wow, no kidding. Our country is ten times better than others. We leaped over the first three generations and now are enjoying the fourth generation. How great we are!

* Xu Xianming, the principal of China University of Political Science and Law, is ugly. Maybe the sixth generation of human rights should be the human right to “show myself even if I am ugly”.

* The old nerd is making fun of China’s human rights. The Discipline Committee should detain him.

* Please give me the right to kiss ass, and I will create different generations of human rights for different generations of leaders. Harmony rights are for the current leaders. Rights of the three representatives are for the predecessor, and rights of touching pebbles are for the predecessor before. How can I name the human rights of the first generation?

* Another great invention, as good as the concept of “hostile wage claiming” (ÊÅ∂ÊÑèËÆ®Ëñ™).

* Silent harmony, secretive harmony, forced harmony, covert harmony.

* Socialism surpasses capitalism; Socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics surpasses western democracy; harmony rights that China invented surpasses western human rights. The conclusion: five times better. It’s the gene of the Great Leap Forward!

* Human rights have different generations? His interpretation of human rights sounds like the shameless nonsense of a villain.

* How counter-productive!

* Some party has been feeding certain “fooling the people” experts. Now look at their achievement.

* Obviously a theory for fooling people, but we can do nothing other than watch it be put into textbooks.

* Years later, when our children look back on this evil society, they will bristle at it.

* Mr. Xu Xianming, you are humiliating all students at the University of Political Science and Law. You want them all to ask for a refund for their tuition?

* Can you imagine a man as shameless as him?

* All my netizen friends, please respect the right to kiss ass of this NPC representative.

* It’s utter nonsense.

* I feel sorry for this kind of representatives and scholars.

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