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1222blog.jpgFrom RConversation:

Last month I put out a survey of foreign correspondents who cover China to try and get a sense of how – and whether – are impacting their coverage of China. Many thanks to the 70-plus journalists who took the time to complete at least part of the survey. Respondents included people from major news organizations headquartered in the U.S., UK, Singapore, Russia, Qatar, Poland, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Finland, Canada, and Australia.

There are roughly 400 foreign correspondents accredited officially to cover China, plus an unknown number who do so more informally. So while the answer pool is not huge, I think it at very least serves as a useful “focus group” for the evolving relationship between China bloggers and foreign correspondents who cover China for the international media.

The data will form the core of an academic paper I’m working on, but first I’d like to share the key findings. I would love your feedback. Please feel free to share your reactions in the comments section of this post, or via email. Here goes:[Full Text]

December 22, 2006 10:36 PM
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