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From contemporary Chinese literature-critic poet Ye Kuangzheng (Âè∂Âå°Êîø)’s blog: A list, probably incomplete, of the wealthiest Chinese officials and entrepreneurs to be busted for crimes from 1990-2004. They are ranked in order of their estimated net worth (in RMB) at the time they met their demise. Translated by CDT:

1. Mr. Lai Changxing and family (赖昌星家族): then-net worth of 25 billion yuan, currently 48 years old, Xiamen, Fujian, convicted of smuggling of petroleum, real estate, entertainment assets;

2. Mr. Yang Bin (杨斌), 7.5 billion, 41, Shenyang, Liaoning, contract fraud, illegal land grabs, bribery, etc.;

3. Mr. Yang Rong (仰融), 7 billion, 47, Liaoning, pocketing profits after buyout of state assets at Huachen Buses (华晨)
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4. Mr. Yu Zhendong (余振东), 4 billion, 41, Kaiping, Guangdong, transferred $483 million overseas while running Bank of China Kaiping Branch, with Xu Chaofan (许超凡) and Xu Guojun (许国俊);

5. Mr. Zhou Zhengyi (周正毅), 3.1 billion, 42, misreporting capital and maneuvering securities transactions;

6. Mr. Aikelamu Aishayoufu (艾克拉木·艾沙由夫), 2.9 billion, 46, stealing company funds out of corporate loans;

7. Mr. Mou Qizhong (牟其中), 2 billion, 64, Hubei, credit fraud;

8. Mr. Guo Hongqi (国洪起), 2 billion, 40, Beijing, fraudulent loans, etc.;

9. Mr. Qian Yongwei (钱永伟), 1.9 billion, 41, Shanghai, misreporting profits for public listing, stealing at least 9.8 million Hong Kong dollars in company funds;

10. Mr. Chen Shunli (陈顺利), 1.8 billion, 42, Fujian, applying for large-sum loans to pay back one another;

11. Mr. Li Ruihua (黎瑞华), 1.8 billion, Guangdong, financial fraud and embezzlement;

12. Mr. Jiang Quanlong (蒋泉龙), 1.14 billion, 51, Yixing, Jiangsu, accounting fraud prior to public listing;

13. Mr. Xu Pengzhan (许鹏展), 1.1 billion, Shantou, Guangdong, ringleader of 12-billion-yuan smuggling, laundering cartel;

14. Mr. Wu Zhijian (吴志剑), 1 billion, 44, Shenzhen, Guangdong, applying for loans of hundreds of millions of yuan each based on fraudulent collateral and guarantees;

15. Mr. Li Shen (ÊùéÊ∑±), etc, 800 million, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, ringleader of a major smuggling scheme, Zhanjiang’s “monopoly-smuggler;”

16. Mr. Yang Gaiqing (杨改清), 600 million, 38, Shenzhen, Guangdong, smuggling of cooking oil, worth of 2.4 billion yuan;

17. Mr. Chen Lisheng (ÈôàÂä±Áîü), 600 million, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, son of former Zhanjiang City party secretary, smuggling goods to and from Hong Kong via father’s connections;

18. Mr. Nie Yusheng (聂玉声), 570 million, 37, Shanxi, illegal drawing of public deposits and financial fraud worth 600 million yuan;

19. Mr. He Bing (何冰), 500 million, 41, Sichuan, a smuggling associate of Lai Changxing, evading taxes worth 824 million yuan;

20. Mr. Qian Hong (钱宏), 500 million, Shanghai, financial fraud on 48 domestic companies;

21. Mr. and Mrs. Chen Manxiong (陈满雄夫妇), 420 million, Zhongshan, Guangdong, transferred 420 million yuan overseas while running a Zhongshan company;

22. Mr. Miu Yichun (缪益春), etc., 380 million, Yunnan, financial fraud involving deposits from 42 firms and individuals in conspiracy with bank employees;

23. Mr. Zhang Jiaming (º†Âä†Êòé), 370 million, 48, Inner Mongolia, nation’s largest case of financial acceptance bill fraud;

24. Mr. Lin Chunhua (ÊûóÊò•Âçé), 250 million, Guangdong, smuggling of gasoline;

25. Mr. Chen Kai (陈凯), 200 million, 42, Fuzhou, Fujian, drug-trafficking, money laundering;

26. Mr. Xu Peixin (许培新), 190 million, 41, Shanghai, misstating revenues and cooking the books for listing;

27. Mr. Chu Shijian (褚时健), etc., 180 million, 76, embezzlement and taking bribes as chairman of Hongta Group (红塔集团);

28. Mr. Zhang Yuanqing (张原清), etc., 180 million, Shanxi, financial fraud while running a branch of Taiyuan City Commercial Bank (太原市商业银行南内环街支行);

30. Mr. Yang Qianxian (杨前线), etc., 160 million, 50, Xiamen, Fujian, taking bribes and turning a blind eye to smuggling by Lai Changxing while leading Xiamen Customs Bureau;

31. Mr. Zheng Hongjun (郑洪钧), 150 million, Guangdong, leader of diesel smuggling ring worth 1.4 billion;

32. Mr. Wei Huai (魏怀), etc., 130 million, Guangdong, embezzlement of 93 million yuan while running the Macau office of a domestic company;

33. Mr. Zhou Shengzhong (Âë®Âú£‰∏≠), 126 million, Hainan, pocketing company assets, main suspect of Taiyang Bay case (“§™Èò≥ÊπæÊ°à‰ª∂);

34. Mr. Yu Zhian (于志安), 100 million, 66, Wuhan, Hubei, personally built power plant overseas using company funds;

35. Mr. Wu Weiren (吴维仁), 85 million, 55, Xian, Shaanxi, misusing company funds totaling 85 million yuan while running Caihong Group (彩虹集团公司);

36. Mr. Lu Wanli (卢万里), 56 million, 60, Guangzhou, taking large-scale bribes while heading provincial transportation bureau and overseeing road construction projects worth over 10 billion yuan;

37. Ms. Yang Xiuzhu (杨秀珠), etc., 60 million, 59, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, asking for and taking bribes while vice mayor in charge of city construction, including a property in New York worth $5 million;

38. Mr. Li Jiating (李嘉廷), etc., 52 million, 60, Kunming, Yunnan, asking for and taking bribes while governing Yunnan;

39. Mr. Xie Bingfeng (谢炳峰), etc., 50 million, Nanhai, Guangdong, fled to Thailand after stealing Bank of China funds with Mai Ronghui (麦容辉);

40. Mr. Zhou Changqing (周长青), 50 million, 50, Xian, Shaanxi, lost company funds worth of 48 million yuan while gambling in Macau;

41. Mr. Chen Wei(陈炜), 46 million, 40, Shanghai, pocketing state assets while managing futures department of a construction materials trading company;

42. Mr. Cheng Kejie, 41 million, 71, Guangxi, taking bribes as governor of Guangxi;

43. Mr. Chen Xin(陈新), 40 million, 38, Chongqing, fled with 40 million China Industrial and Commercial Bank funds as an account, arrested;

44. Mr. Li Zhen (李真), 40 million, 42, Hebei, taking bribes and embezzlement while leading Hebei provincial state tax bureau;

45. Mr. Yin Xicai (尹西才), 40 million, 50, Anhui, stealing company funds while managing Jinchan Group (金蟾集团有限责任公司);

46. Mr. Tan Minglin (谭明林), 40 million, 42, Yunnan, drug trafficking together with father-in-law Burmese citizen Yang Guodong (杨国栋), traded 2 tons of heroin;

47. Mr. Wang Feng (汪峰), 30 million, Nanhai, Guangdong, fled with 30 million yuan in public funds, arrested in 2000;

48. Mr. Jiang Jifang (蒋基芳), 30 million, Henan, fled with company funds from Henan Tobacco Company;

49. Mr. Xie Heting (谢鹤亭), 25 million, Guangdong, embezzled and misused Tianlong Group (天龙集团) company funds totaling 445 million yuan;

50. Mr. Ma Xiangdong (马向东), 20 million, Shenyang, Liaoning, taking bribes as former vice mayor of Shenyang.

Data from media reports or materials released by Chinese authorities. This list doesn’t include tycoons under investigation or controversial figures.

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