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Wow, some -patriot threw up a bold proposal, or hint: making China’s largest city a Hong Kong-like SAR. What a courage, especially after Chen Liangyu’s downfall. A post from Josie Liu’s blog (Pictured – Prof. Zhang Jun):

In a recent interview with Hong Kong media, an economics professor from Shanghai proposed the city to become a special administrative region like Hong Kong.

Zhang Jun, 43, professor from Fu Dan University, said he is concerned about Shanghai’s future, not sure whether the city can keep up and expand its prosperity if it stayed with its current political and economic format.

“It’s not impossible to discuss the change of the administrative division of Shanghai,” Prof. Zhang said. “Hong Kong can be a special administrative region. Is it possible to extend this concept, or put it to more application here in Shanghai? I think this is a possible idea in the future thinking about Shanghai’s position.” [Full Text]

– Also a Chinese blog post on that counters proposal to make Shanghai an SAR

– Zhang Jun’s personal site (Chinese)

January 8, 2007, 11:52 PM
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