Thief Maps Let Netizens Fight Crime – Robert Ness

From Danwei:

With the approach of Spring Festival and the associated shopping season, street thieves are becoming more active. Ever-vigilant are releasing a new series of “thief maps” (Â∞èÂÅ∑Âú∞ÂõæÔºâ.

On February 8th, ’s Dongfang Weibao (‰∏úÊñπÂç´Êä•) reported on this Nanjing “thief map” released by the online forum Anti-pickpocket Alliance (ÂèçÊâíËÅîÁõüÁΩë). The red dots indicate incidences of theft, which coalesce into a belt connecting central Nanjing’s most popular shopping and dining areas….[Full Text]

February 10, 2007 6:04 PM
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