Gao Yaojie: Interview with RFA

From RFA Unplugged:

“I am very concerned that the authorities will find new ways to keep me down, when I return. I am particularly worried about my family. Both mine and my son’s e-mail accounts have been closed. I want to publish two books. One is a manuscript that I gave to a publisher in 2004, which has been dragging its feet ever since. Now the material is out of date, so I must update it and reorganize it. That book is called “AIDS Orphans”. Another book is called “10 years in AIDS prevention”. The editor who was supposed to publish that was fired because of it and took it away with him to Guangzhou. So neither book has been published.” “The government-run blood-banks are closed. But not only have the black market blood-banks not closed, they are on the increase again. 25 counties in Guizhou alone are engaged in blood-selling. Recently they discovered some people in Guangzhou who had been selling their blood for 10 years; from midnight to 6 a.m.” [Full Text]

– See also “Meeting between Hillary Clinton and AIDS crusader Gao Yaojie makes the front page at Southern Metropolis Daily” from China Media Project.

March 19, 2007 8:25 PM
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