A Hotel in Peking University for “Teaching and Research”? – Hegel Chong

 47 145554390 20Ac066223-1 From Reading China blog:

The Peking University is building a five-star hotel. But the teachers and students accuse this project of occupying the university’s land for research and teaching and violating the land-use designation in the campus planning.

This hotel, named after “Weiming Lake”, the famous spot in the and located at the northern side of Baiyi Road and by the wall of campus, is still under construction. This is a project of the Science Park Limited (PUSP). It is scheduled to open in October.

The spokesperson of PUSP defended that hotel is also “a facility of education and research”. This hotel will be the first “five-star campus and business hotel” in China. There are blocks of office, hotel rooms and apartment. [Full Text]

April 28, 2007 2:08 PM
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