China’s first gay chat show goes live on the Internet – Reuters

From Reuters:

For singer and bar-owner, Qiao Qiao, talking about her sexuality live on an broadcast accessible to millions of people was easier than telling her parents that she was a lesbian.

“My mother was very supportive,” she said on Thursday, as cameras rolled in a small studio in northwest Beijing. “But my father still has not accepted it.”

“He said I was young and would feel different when I was older … But he is still saying that even though I’m now in my thirties,” she said.

Qiao Qiao was the first guest on “Tongxing Xinglian”, China’s first gay chat show, an interactive online forum hosted by gay presenters and accessible to more than 130 million Internet users across the country. [Full Text]

April 8, 2007 10:10 PM
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