Wen reveals himself as a new kind of Chinese leader – Howard W. French

 Images 2007 04 19 Web-0419Letter265 From International Herald Tribune:

Wen, like an unusually large number of Chinese leaders, has an engineering background. Many of his peers, including his boss, President Hu Jintao, wear a certain look – stiff and distant and, well, slightly engineered. But in his four years in office, Wen has emerged as a compassionate and nimble public figure: in short, a new kind of Chinese leader who comes across as a real human being and is more comfortable ad-libbing where others hew to the script in a slumber-inducing manner.

In reality, Wen, too, mostly sticks closely to the script – a fact that he himself revealed in an unusually candid discussion of his preparation for the Japan trip. “This is the most important task since I took office,” he told an audience of Chinese residents in Japan. “I did a lot of preparation. Every sentence is written by myself, and I did all the research work myself. [Full Text]

April 21, 2007, 6:09 PM
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