Beijing to Shut Down Heavy Polluters During Games – Nick Mulvenney

China is attempting to control for the 2008 Olympic games for both the safety of the athletes and for the tourists that the games attract.

From Reuters:


BEIJING – Beijing will shut down smoke-belching factories and ban thousands of cars from city streets to improve air quality during next year’s Olympic Games, a senior city official said on Thursday.

Vice mayor Ji Lin said other special measures would include a ban on dust-causing earthworks at construction sites.

Ji said 120 billion yuan ($15.69 billion) had already been invested in environmental improvements over the past decade and at least another 25 billion yuan would be spent over the next year to clean the city’s air. [Full Text]

See also the China Daily and People’s Daily news coverage of the air quality controls for the Olympics.

May 31, 2007 7:34 PM
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