In Rural China, a Bitter Way Out – Maureen Fan

The Washington Post reports on the inordinately high rate among in rural China:

The suicide rate for women in China is 25 percent higher than for men, and the rural rate is three times the urban rate. In Western countries, men are at least twice as likely and sometimes four times as likely as women to commit suicide, studies show. But in China, being young, from the countryside and female is an especially lethal combination.

Because the women who commit suicide are almost exclusively poor, their desperation is a reminder of the social inequalities that plague China and the difficulties hindering government efforts to raise rural standards of living. Despite the fast-paced modernization of cities, women in the countryside have been left to face what they consider insurmountable obstacles, often stemming from the traditional view that wives play a subservient role in the household. [Full text]

– For more on this topic see this 2004 report from the Center for Disease Control and an article from Psychiatric Times.

May 14, 2007, 9:21 PM
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