Music Series: Forever Pop Diva – Deng Lijun

On May 8th, 1995, Deng Lijun 邓丽君 (or Teresa Teng) died from a severe asthma attack in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the age of 42. Not only mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong but also Japan and Southern Asia were all saddened by the news.

Deng was born in Taiwan. She became famous in 1968 after a performance. In 1973, she won the prize for “Best New Singing Star.” She had such a sweet and melodious voice that touched billions of Asians. Her folk songs and romantic ballads lived in people’s hearts and are still popular today.

The following are some of her most popular songs.
“Your Sweet Smile ÔºàÁîúËúúËúúÔºâ”

“The Moon Represent My HeartÔºàÊúà‰∫Ɖª£Ë°®ÊàëÁöÑÂøÉÔºâ”

“I Only Care About YouÔºàÊàëÂè™Âú®‰πé‰Ω†Ôºâ”

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