Press Watchdog Blasts China’s Blogging Policy – Juan Carlos Perez

Reporters Without Borders responds unfavorably to China’s new “agreement” with blog service providers, which does not require real-name registration but strongly encourages providers to keep tabs on their users’ personal information . From PC World:

The government, through the Internet Society of China, recently drafted a pact that was signed by at least 20 major blog service providers in the country, including Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp., the Paris-based watchdog group said Thursday.

“The pact stops short [of] the previous project of making it obligatory for bloggers to register, but it can be used to force service providers to censor content and identify bloggers,” the group said in a statement. The pact, unveiled Wednesday, signals an “imminent” new wave of and repression, the group said. [Full Text]

The Internet Society of China (中国互联网协会) is controlled by the central government’s Ministry of Information Industry.

See also: “Yahoo, MSN sign ‘self-discipline’ pact” from AFP.

August 24, 2007 10:44 PM
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