Red Guards in the Arts – Tian Taiquan and Zhang Dazhong

Wudou (Ê≠¶Êñó), or Armed Struggle, was the most destructive episode of the Cultural Revolution. Hundreds of thousands young Red Guards and ordinary people died in factional armed struggles across the country. In Chongqing, there is a public cemetery devoted to more than four hundred Red Guards from one faction who died during violent events between 1967-1968. Now known as Chongqing Red Guards Public Cemetery, it became the background of the following photographic work named “Being Forgotten” by artist Tian Taiquan (Áî∞§™ÊùÉ), from

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The same topic was represented very differently by another artist. Guangdong based painter Zhang Dazhong (born in 1953) is known for his painting of female . Here are some examples of his work, from
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