China Grabs West’s Smoke-Spewing Factories – Joseph Kahn and Mark Landler

 Images 2007 12 21 World 21Transfer-600 From the The New York Times:

When residents of this northern Chinese city hang their clothes out to dry, the black fallout from nearby Handan Iron and often sends them

Half a world away, neighbors of ThyssenKrupp’s former steel mill in the Ruhr Valley of Germany once had a similar problem. The white shirts men wore to church on Sundays turned gray by the time they got home.

These two steel towns have an unusual kinship, spanning 5,000 miles and a decade of economic upheaval. They have shared the same hulking blast furnace, dismantled and shipped piece by piece from Germany’s old industrial heartland to Province, China’s new Ruhr Valley. [Full Text]

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December 21, 2007 12:20 PM
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