Chinese Town Where Old Presents Go To Die – Richard Spencer

Another chapter in the story, this time from Daily Telegraph with a holiday twist:

The Chinese town of Guiyu is the graveyard of Christmas past.

It is where presents – game consoles, laptops, mobile phones – come to die.

It is also where they are reborn. In this giant scrap-yard, so dangerously polluted that its children are being clinically poisoned, the electronic objects of desire, a million tons of them a year, are broken apart, melted down, and washed in acid to be recycled into a new flood of imports for Christmas future.

Now the British Environmental Agency says that despite a ban on exports of electronic waste to China, unscrupulous middle men are using a loophole in the law intended to encourage recycling to dump more goods in places like Guiyu, where labour costs are low and environmental controls weak. [Full Text]

See also the documentary by CDT’s own Michael Zhao that helped reignite interest in the China e-waste problem last month.

December 27, 2007 7:13 AM
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