Footprints, Skeleton Provide New Evidence of South China Tiger Existence – Xinhua

Newly discovered footprints and a recently uncovered skeleton are the latest developments in the story. From Xinhua:

State Forestry Administration investigators found more than 100 suspected footprints of a South China tiger on Friday in Province, where photos of the big cat taken by a farmer have caused a national controversy over their authenticity.

The Beijing Morning Post reported on Monday that Zhang Bin, a local forestry official who accompanied the investigators, said the team also found a skeleton suspected to belong to a young tiger.

“It’s like the skeleton of a cat,” said Zhang, adding the bones had been sent to Beijing for DNA testing. “But experts said with a length of 50 centimeters, a cat would have grown tooth bones. This skeleton hasn’t (teeth), it’s like a cub feline. [Full text]

For more background information on the South China Tiger/Huanan Tiger, see this link for past articles.

December 31, 2007, 2:06 AM
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