Why China Cracked Down on My Nonprofit – Nick Young

Nick Young, founder of China Development Brief, writes about the circumstances surrounding the closure of the publication and the subsequent ban on his entry to China: “You can be the government of China’s friend or our enemy; there is no other way.” This chilling message – and it is a direct quote – was delivered to me in Beijing this summer by an apparently high-ranking Chinese security official who would tell me only his surname: Song. He was, he said, “in charge of watching terrorism and NGOs,” and he was offering me a real, not theoretical, choice. I could become an elite propagandist for China, or I would have to leave the country, where I had lived continuously for 12 years, and would never be allowed back. On Sept. 26, after spending several weeks in Europe, I returned to Beijing and found that Mr. Song had spoken in earnest. Immigration authorities barred my entry, put me back on the plane to Helsinki, Finland, and canceled my multientry visa. [Full text] ...
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